These images are from Maria’s personal project '89'.  In this series she has approached the topic of memory in the photographic image. Maria’s grandfather's recent Alzheimers diagnosis has challenged the way that she thinks about memories and our obsession as a society with capturing ‘perfect’ moments. So much so that she believes that we distort our own memories until we no longer know what is true. Aware that her perspective is biased, Maria photographs from the point of view of someone pre-emptively mourning, Intentionally looking back on fond childhood memories and trying to immortalise a feeling of comfort.

Maria has combined both appropriated family photos and her own images in response to this topic, focusing on the house in Nottingham her grandfather lived in for 50 years, which he has since left to come and live in her family home.

“I am trying to encapsulate the sense of nostalgia in a grandparents home which I think a lot of people can relate to. There is a strange juxtaposition in his house, warm childhood memories combined with the sombre feeling of leaving a space and being unwilling to lose the memories attached to it. My aim with this work was to draw on shared experiences, nostalgia and stereotypical family moments. The hope is that after you view these images you are reminded of your own family, moments and spaces you find important.”

“89, it's a ludicrous number. If you study it, when you get some time to spare, just look at it and think - how ridiculous can you be?”  - Clifford Ansell, 2018.